REA Alexander was founded by Kimberly A. Wilson and fashioned out of love for three of the most influential women in her life, her mother (Shelia Elizabeth), late grandmothers (Ruth and Ada), and Alexander is named in honor of the next generation of fashion icons, her nephew (Christian Alexander), who is an emerging trend setter. This collaboration of family influences which pays homage to their fashion legacy commences the brand known as REA Alexander.

REA Alexander is a collective effort of chic, classy, timeless styles of fashion that her mother, in whom Kim inherited sewing from, combined with the iconic fashions that her grandmothers wore effortlessly.

REA Alexander offers handcrafted handbags, accessories, and garments that will leave each customer feeling confident and classy as a beautiful centerpiece that will create a statement.

REA Alexander does not take on any project as a solo effort. We enthusiastically engage every customer to actively participate in the one-of-a-kind product process. We look forward to sharing this experience with you!

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